Lunch, illness – and finally, an interview!


Heckler picked me up near my house for the trip into the city centre for our weekly lunch at my favourite BBQ restaurant. I was hit by a cold over the weekend, so wasn’t really 100%, but still lunch was gorgeous. Heckler and I will be spending 2 days together, starting on Wednesday – I’m so excited!

In other news, I submitted my CV for a customer service role at a company in the city centre, and got a phone call from them last night. Considering I was ill, I did a pretty good job during the telephone screen – the guy on the phone said I’d given some good answers! #yayme

So I have an interview at 3 today. If I get the job, I will start on Monday. To be brutally honest, I wanted to try and move on from customer service roles, but hey – we shall see…


No bloody oysters!



I met up with Bertie last night, and gave him his Christmas gift, just in case we weren’t able to meet up again before Christmas.

We went to a hotel in the city centre which had a bar/grill – we’d been there before and enjoyed excellent service, but this time round, we had to wait 15 minutes before someone even came to take our drinks orders! Not happy.

I saw the grill was serving oysters which I’d never tried before, so I thought I’d give them a shot. When the server eventually turned up, Bertie asked for 4 oysters as appetisers. But they’d run out of them! Not happy.

So we decided to go straight for the main course (fillet steak), and when it turned up, it was absolutely delicious! So were the desserts (creme brûlée and cheesecake). Doubly happy. 😀

I don’t know where I’m going, and I don’t know how to get there.


Tomorrow will mark a year since I found out that I wasn’t being offered a permanent contract at the job I loved since last May, and I’m still no closer to being on any kind of  career pathway. I’ve had my fill of bog standard jobs over the years, and now I want to try and establish a life for myself.

Some time ago, I came to the decision that motherhood was not going to be an option for me. I’m the youngest of 5  – 1 brother who has a daughter and 3 sisters – who each have 4 children and grandchildren! I’m fast approaching my late 30s and would rather try and build a career now. Having a child now would effectively mean my career would be over before it had even begun.

I want my beautiful little 2 – bedroom flat with the floor – to ceiling windows and the laminate floors. I want to go shopping at Ikea for cute little knick-knacks, go to Bikram Yoga twice a week, sip Porn Star Martinis at the highest point in the city over the weekend, go on holiday twice a year, head to London for the odd weekend.

But how do I get there? I honestly (naïvely?) thought that as a mature graduate, job offers would be coming at me left, right and centre. But instead, I’m lucky to get a “thanks but no thanks” email. Three times in a row, I’ve taken the time to fill in job applications, to then be told that they were no longer recruiting! The irony is, I left a reasonably good job to move to university. It might not have been enough to get me my 2 – bed flat, but I certainly could have had my fair share of Porn Star Martinis! In spite of my achievements, part of me wishes that I’d never gone to uni. Sigh.

But this too will pass. In time, I’ll get out of this funk and look onward and upward! In some more time, I’ll get myself a job and make a late start on building my dreams.

99 problems, and a phone ain’t one…


My friend from uni had arranged to come into town for a visit yesterday, so I asked Heckler if we could have our weekly lunch date in the city centre. I was due for an phone upgrade, so Heck kindly offered to pay the upfront payment for the handset, and also bought me a case and charger.

So farewell, Nokia Lumia and hello, shiny new iPhone 5s! Over lunch, I got a little carried away with my new toy, and even placed my first FaceTime call to Heckler – even though he was just sitting across the table from me!

All too soon, Heck had to go back to work, and I went off to meet my friend C to spend a few blissful hours browsing the Christmas market. I didn’t buy very much though.

Well, just a pancake for each of us.


And a beautiful bracelet.


And a new mascara might just have decided to follow me home…


Anyway when I got home I had a massive struggle getting my contacts from the old phone to the new one. Fortunately Heckler was on hand to help, and before too long I was happily playing with all the settings, downloading all the essential apps and deciding which ringtones and alarm tones to use (a very important decision – I really don’t want to be woken up by anything loud and intrusive).


Back from London



Forty and I got back from London last night – it was great as usual. The highlights for me were:

  • Mamma Mia at the Novello Theatre – a very high – energy, fun performance. Even the theatre staff have a boogie during the encore at the end! It’s well worth a look.
  • A very nice burger at Shake Shack in Covent Garden.
  • The Cabinet War Rooms.
  • Shopping at Harrods for some more make up and some Chanel No22. We were trying to head up the escalator when our way was blocked by some wannabe Steven Spielberg at the bottom looking to film his wife waving as she went up the escalator. I was like, “I’m not bloody having this,”, and very politely, yet assertively eased past Steven and went up right behind the wannabe Kate Winslet – so close, in fact that Kate had to stop her posey waving. Tee hee hee. I swear I’m turning into my mother.

Thank you Forty. 🙂

I love music, any kind of music


To me, there is no greater joy in life than to sit on a bus, train or plane with my favourite music in my ears and to shut the rest of the world out for a while. I know that sounds very antisocial, but hey – this is me! If I leave my phone at home, that’s fine, but if I leave my iPod, I’m automatically in a bad mood!

I decided to grab my iPod, set it to shuffle, and post links to the first 10 songs that come out. Some of the songs are kind of twisted and random, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

So without further ado, here is my random 10:

Kate Bush – Wow (Live at Hammersmith Odeon)

Donna Summer – I Feel Love

Blood Brothers (Original Cast) – Gypsies in the Wood

Blood Brothers (Original Cast) – Easy Terms

Bjork – Play Dead

Blood Brothers (Original Cast) – Summer Sequence

Kate Bush – An Architect’s Dream

Tom Baxter – Tell Her Today

Kate Bush – Lily

Happy Rhodes – Dying

Off to a great start – with more good stuff yet to come!


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Today I met Heckler for lunch, which is now going to be a regular once weekly (at least) happening. Over the weekend he’d made lasagne and he’d brought a slice for me to try at home. Sadly we both completely forgot about the lasagne, so Heck and I are meeting again tomorrow so he can hand it over!

Ready for some food porn – along with another peek at Heckler’s arms?

Here you go…

WP_20141110_001 WP_20141110_002 WP_20141110_003

Now that’s what I call a money shot!

Forty and I are going to London again on Thursday – I’m super excited for that. We’re going to a show on Thursday night, then he has a conference on Friday that’s supposed to last all day, but I’ve hopefully managed to persuade him to just do the morning session, then there’ll be more time for sightseeing, shopping, dinner and cocktails!



No, not to you, dear readers – this blog is going nowhere!

I’m saying goodbye to my accounts at Seeking Arrangement, What’s Your Price and Seeking Millionaire. My stable is complete and it is perfect.

I will be holding on to my Ashley Madison profile for the time being (I’m invisible on there obviously) as I have saved messages on there from the stable members. I know, I’m a sentimental old cow, aren’t I? 😀

She has spoken my name…


Heckler and I were having a text conversation last night about him having a look at my CV. We join proceedings after Heckler asked me which of my email addresses he should send my CV to after he’d looked it over and made some changes and additions.

Me:Just my lovely email will be great, thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<3

H: Been sent! The wife had just seen your text, whoops!

We then switched to email:

Me:Eeeek! Hope you’re not in the doghouse…

H:No, she asked who (Miss B) was, just said one of the young girls at work, they always do kisses and hearts in texts, you know what young slappers are like…

Young slapper?!

Heckler, you are lined up for a big time beat down next time I get you alone. Mind you, you’ll probably enjoy it!

And so, Mrs Heckler has spoken my name…

The new love of my life…


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Want to see a picture?


St Louis ribs!!!

This was courtesy of my lovely Heckler, who treated me to another lovely afternoon of window shopping, real shopping, yummy lunch, and strolling through the city centre, chatting about all sorts!

Thank you Heckler, I’ll see you on Monday.

In light of recent events, the Cast and Crew page has been updated. You’ll find it at the top of the screen. 🙂