Cast and crew

MissB, AKA The Lovely One – that would be me, your amenable hostess, petite princess and guide to all things lovely.

Shrek – an optimistic Scottish guy, but unfortunately he turned out to be a complete pussy and an absolute disgrace – a huge no – no in my book. The inaugural member of MissB’s stable. March – November 2014.

Water Man – second to join the stable, second to leave. Married, rather self centred CEO. March – October 2014

Heckler – pig headed and stubborn, but extremely lovely, kinky guy – third to join, first to leave, first to return, first to be caught, and the love of my life. May – September 2014 and October 2014 – present.

Bertie – a very generous, caring man – however, his football allegiances leave something to be desired. May 2014 – present.

Forty – a sensitive, caring soul, and a Piscean like myself. His arrival in the stable was the catalyst to much disruption, but I’m very happy to have him on board. September 2014 – present




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