First of all, massive apologies. Last Wednesday, I was in the middle of updating the blog, and adding pictures, when my laptop decided it simply wasn’t going to work for me any more. Fabulous.

Heckler came to the rescue (yay!) and lent me his MacBook Air so that I could continue to apply for jobs and keep the blog up to date.

So. let’s draw a veil over the bitchy interviewer that failed to read my CV, and left me feeling about 2 inches high after the interview…

On Tuesday, we stayed at a hotel that is known in the city as the “grand old lady”. for our Christmas celebration. It was utterly amazing and nice to have some more quality time together. I was completely spoiled, receiving a North Face coat (they are sooooo warm!), a new bag, and a beautiful white gold, freshwater pearl and diamond necklace and earring suite (my first diamonds! :D) On Wednesday, we went Christmas shopping in the town centre, and made the appointment for my MacBook Pro to visit the laptop doctor for its operation (logic board/graphics card replacement)

Heckler and I went to view a flat last Wednesday  – and to cut a long story short, we loved it and went for it! Heck got the keys on Thursday and we went there to begin moving some of his stuff in. Mrs Heckler wants him out by Saturday, so that will be absolutely fine. On Saturday we’ll be back at IKEA to furnish the place. I’m preparing myself by ordering a cordless screwdriver and a little pink tool kit so I can help Heck build our furniture! I am so hardcore! 😀