I was anticipating a long Saturday snuggled up in bed, trying to shake off the last remnants of the cold I’ve had for the last couple of weeks.

Then I got a call from Heckler. He’d had enough of the North Pole – like atmosphere at his house and was making a bid for a quick escape for the afternoon.

Would I like to join him?

Of course I would!

So, I was soon showered, dressed and ready to meet him, and we trotted off to the local IKEA.

(IKEA, in case you weren’t aware, is a furniture and homeware store, where the furniture is sold flat – packed and the customer assembles it at home. It’s not somewhere where you can nip in for a quick 10 minutes – no, you need to have hours spare for a trip to IKEA – not to mention nerves of steel!)

Heckler is on the lookout for a new flat – which I’ll be moving into at some stage – and he wanted us to just walk round and get an idea of what furniture and homely type things we would need. So, we got to the mattresses and began trying a few out. He lay next to me, holding my right hand – in the right way, of course!

“Have you noticed?”, Heckler asked.

“Noticed what?”

Heckler nodded toward our clasped hands.

The white gold and diamond ring that Heckler had worn on the fourth finger of his left hand every time we’d met over the past seven months was now on his left thumb.

To quote from his blog:

Yes, I am splitting with the Wife… I can’t continue with the way things are. I’ve tried and it’s not enough. She needs to start realising only she can make herself better. I want to be with Miss B. I can say that I have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with her! ❤ She makes me so happy, I feel so relaxed in her company and we can and do talk about absolutely everything! There are times when we don’t even speak to each other, just look into each other’s eye’s, smile and kiss. It’s magical. It feels so right. I want to be with Miss B! Thankfully she feels the same, so now we are looking at becoming an official relationship and live together. I cannot wait!

Naturally, I am so very happy. Excited, a little nervous, maybe, but very, very happy. I had no idea that when I began this journey, I would end up falling in love!