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I’d planned to kick off the month by linking you to a few of my favourite festive songs, but in light of recent events, yeah, let’s just cut to the chase…

So, it would appear that Heckler’s marriage is over.

It would also appear that Heckler wants to be with me.

It would appear that I want to be with him too.

Now I hadn’t expected this at all. I’d expected a sheepish email from Heck, beginning with “I’m sorry Miss B, but…” Instead, Heck’s looking for flats in his local area, which isn’t too far for where I’m from, and we’re talking about moving in together in about 6 months, once I have a job. Heck would like me to move in as soon as he gets a place, butΒ I have to think of how I’m going to pitch our relationship to my family! “Oh hi, Mum, just moving in with a married man who’s left his wife for me…”

That’d go down very well…

I’ve decided to disband my stable with effect from January 1st. So obviously that means huge changes for Bertie and Forty, who were both sad for the end of their arrangement but happy for me and Heckler. Bertie and Forty are going to arrange final dates over the course of the next few weeks, and as 2015 dawns, I will go from sugarbaby/mistress to girlfriend.

Awww, hell – this is not even one of my favourites, but it just encompasses the way I feel right now…. Happy December, dear readers!