When Heckler and I were together earlier this week, his cover story took him to some meeting in London. Mrs H had her suspicions, and asked him some questions about some sights in London. Of course, he couldn’t answer her. So she put two and two together, got into his phone and laptops, and the rest is history. (The irony is, I said that we should have gone to London!) She’s seen my Twitter profile, but fortunately I don’t tweet very often and both my profile and cover pictures aren’t clear enough for me to be identified.

So obviously things were very heated in the early hours in Heck’s household and today  she’s keeping close watch over his phone use. She smashed some shelving in their home and while he was on his way to the DIY store to get some screws to fix it, he took a few minutes out to call.

Upshot is, he doesn’t know where to proceed from here, but doesn’t want things between us to end. Interestingly, he doesn’t feel guilty about things. He’d been unhappy in the marriage for a while. I’ve told him that the number one priority in this is baby Heckler. I grew up without a father figure, and I’ll be damned if Heck’s son’s life is affected because his daddy and I screwed up.

So, I’m still here. I’ll wait and see what’s going to happen, but many lives over here are going to be affected by what transpires over the coming weeks and months.