Heckler and I were having a text conversation last night about him having a look at my CV. We join proceedings after Heckler asked me which of my email addresses he should send my CV to after he’d looked it over and made some changes and additions.

Me:Just my lovely email will be great, thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<3

H: Been sent! The wife had just seen your text, whoops!

We then switched to email:

Me:Eeeek! Hope you’re not in the doghouse…

H:No, she asked who (Miss B) was, just said one of the young girls at work, they always do kisses and hearts in texts, you know what young slappers are like…

Young slapper?!

Heckler, you are lined up for a big time beat down next time I get you alone. Mind you, you’ll probably enjoy it!

And so, Mrs Heckler has spoken my name…