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I went for the first of two consecutive lunches with Heckler today. We decided to go to the local shopping centre. And as Heck and I were strolling down the malls, who did I see walking towards us??

The lovely Bertie (with Mrs Bertie, I presume) , that’s who!


Obviously I didn’t say anything, just caught his eye and gave a small smile, but how surreal! All that was needed was for Forty to stroll in with Mrs Forty and it would have been a clean sweep! 😀

Has this ever happened to any of my followers, I wonder?

In other news, my thoughts on the Shrek situation…

Nothing, apart from incredible disappointment in him and his total lack of respect for my feelings. I have a feeling he was hedging his bets somewhat, waiting to see what AM would offer. If nothing bit there, back he would come to the stable.

But for the fact that I had saved some of his old messages, I would have been none the wiser. I wouldn’t have known that he’d changed his AM username and updated his profile, or that he’d last logged into AM 7 days ago. If he’d been open and upfront with me, I wouldn’t have minded at all – I don’t own him. But over the past month, when I emailed and sent text messages that went unanswered, I worried that something had happened to Shrek, or his children. Now I don’t have to worry any more, because the stable door is locked.