I was chatting to a guy on AM today, A – I’d been talking to him for a few days. I gave him my showcase key, which he appreciated. I then asked for a picture in kind. His response?

“Oh, I’d prefer not to if that’s ok. I know that’s not fair but I don’t like to have pics online. Nite.”

I’d already revoked my key before this point, and swiftly followed it up with a neat little block, then responded with,

“No, that’s not fair. Like I said before A, I believe in give and take on both sides as well as mutual trust and respect. I’m not sure there’s any point in continuing this conversation, but I’d like to wish you all the best on the site and to advise you to be a little more open if you want to be successful.”

I may have overreacted, but personally I’d like the option of seeing the person I’m thinking of dating, especially when I have extended that same courtesy to them. Dear readers, talk to me. Was I wrong?

To be honest, I feel that my luck on the sugar site has now run out and it’s time to stop the hunting and begin gathering. I am blessed enough to have 4 wonderful benefactors in my life. Since I reappeared on AM and SA, it’s been nothing but a host of freaks and a couple of guys who wanted little more than a one off thing. I’ll pass, thanks.