Well, I made my profiles on SA and AM visible again – and who’d have thunk it?

D (the disappearing daddy) has turned up yet again. Here’s his story…

So as I type, he’s in the process of getting well and truly called out.

D: How’s tricks?

Me: Tricks are just fine, thank you. How about your tricks?

D: Fair to middling – any luck on here? x

Me: Well, I’ve been quite successful on other sites, but I’ve never managed to actually meet anyone on here. Do you know I got chatting to a guy once off here, and arranged to meet a guy in his home town of Preston – but the day of the date the guy went poof – never to be seen again – until today…

At the time of writing, D hasn’t read that last message. I don’t suppose he’ll reply when he does, but if he does, you’ll be the first to know, dear reader.

In other news, a very happy Father’s Day to all the sugar daddies out there!