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My life has turned kind of hectic over the past month, what with me beginning a new part time temporary work contract. It’s in the industrial area of the city, and it’s a complete pain in the butt to get to. Still, the work is easy, and I like the people there. There has been more than one occasion where I’ve come into work from a date, with my case, and had to field awkward questions from my colleagues. So far, I’ve just said that I’m staying over at a friend’s house that same night, but any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, if you’ve been keeping count, my total number of benefactors has risen to 4 with the addition of Bertie to the stable. I also made the decision to hide all my sugar profiles. It doesn’t stop me from looking though – who knows, I might want a literal handful of sugar daddies!

As you know, I’ll be going to London with Heckler in a couple of weeks, which I’m really looking forward to.

This week, I’m spending Monday and Tuesday night with Water Man. He’s away at the moment with his wife and will be arriving in the early hours of Tuesday morning – I’ll be waiting to greet him at the airport hotel. 🙂

Shrek did a triathlon today, and emailed me saying he could use a massage. If only, Shrek, if only…