The Narcissist's Wife

Are you perfectly blissful in your marriage? No? Well, join the club of millions of people around the world. For those married folks who aren’t in the middle of a divorce, or headed down to the courthouse, as we speak, to file for one, I bet you’re thinking about getting one. Or, at least, HAVE thought about it. Am I right? (If you’re shaking your head vehemently, denying any such thing, then God Bless You. You have my heartfelt admiration. And a little bit of my envy, too) 

It’s no secret that over half of today’s walks down the aisle, lead to the courtroom. Divorce court, that is…just in case you weren’t paying attention. I am sure there are more than a million reasons why that is. You could blame poor communication, financial stress, kids, religion, and on and on and on. Some people blame adultery for ruining a marriage. I could go…

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