Do you remember D? D, the disappearing daddy from waaaaaaaaaaaay back in my sugar babyhood?

Well, he (or somebody who stole his profile photo) winked at me on WYP. I went ahead and made an offer (higher than my normal date bid, naturally!) and I’m waiting to hear his response. If I can land this date, I’m so going to flame this guy like a Burger King Whopper! I’ll be like, “Hi D, how are you doing? Is this date actually going to go ahead this time, or are you going to bail again?” Plus, I was set to meet him in his home town. This time, he’s coming to me, believe me!

This is of course if he doesn’t run for the hills once I’ve flamed him.

In other news, I met up with A for our second date. We’ll be meeting on Thursday afternoon/evening for a few hours.

In other news (part 2), blessings to my lovely Heckler for keeping me so sweet and so spoiled. He’s ordered some more items from my Amazon wishlist, texts me throughout the day and sends me an email every night – all this while working, being a husband and being dad to a young baby. He’s also taking me to London late next month. Top marks, Heckler! MissB is pleased.