Like I said on Monday, Heckler had rented a serviced apartment in the city centre for us to spend some time together. He picked me up at 3 on Wednesday, and we stopped off at the local mailbox office so we could finalise the paperwork to set up a mailbox so that Heckler can cater to my Amazon wish list needs! 😀 He’d done a test order last earlier this week and that had arrived at the office, one day earlier than Amazon had quoted! Yay!

After that we went straight to the apartment – where Heckler had to make an hour – long conference call. Fortunately the call ended after just 50 mins, and so Heckler and I decided to – ahem – get better acquainted…

When the “acquainting” was finished, Heckler cooked a delicious meal for me – pork fillet cut in to pieces, wrapped in proscuitto with sautéed potatoes, followed by baked banana, chocolate buttons and vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

We went back to the bedroom after dinner and talked for hours. I even fell asleep in Heckler’s arms. Sadly he had to head home at around 11. I will admit that I was feeling a little down after he’d gone. But in 5 weeks, I’m going to London with him and we’ll be spending two days together, so that’s something to look forward to. 🙂

And yes, those are Heckler’s arms in the picture!