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The big news this month, is of course the addition of Heckler to the stable. His case was helped by some fabulous emails, 2 great dates and a shopping trip! I’ll be seeing him again on Wednesday, when he’ll be cooking for us in a city centre apartment he’s rented.

Shrek and Water Man are both just as great as ever. 😀

Footnote: Does anyone remember A from AM? Yes, A from AM who was the very first POT I met, https://thelovelymissb.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/my-first-sugar-date/ who ended up poofing mid conversation around the end of February. Well, I came across his profile on AM earlier – with his last log in being an hour earlier. To be honest, I was a bit taken aback – I wasn’t expecting him to pop up so suddenly like that.

At the time he poofed I was really concerned – I didn’t know if he’d been taken ill, or his wife had caught him, or what was going on. It might not have been the wisest thing for me to do, but I’ve made a showcase request. I didn’t really want to send him a message, but hopefully we can get some type of dialogue going. Watch this space – maybe…