I met S for lunch at my local shopping centre today. We were seated right between two other tables and they were so close together that we couldn’t really hold a discreet conversation. So we talked about things like where we’d travelled, university and work. We got on really well and after lunch S bought me a couple of bags of chocolate, just because we’d been talking about what I’d like as a gift at the end of the date, should we hit it off.

(I’m going to be very controversial and say that I would never dream of asking a POT for anything before the first meeting (apart from the bid amount if it was a WYP date). I feel that the first date should be a “get to know you” event without obligation, apart from the cost of the meal/drinks/activity. It might go against the grain for some of you, but hey – it takes many colours to make a rainbow. And I’m certainly not going to slam any SBs that do ask for first date gifts.)

But anyway, I digress. After the detour to Thorntons, we went to a quieter bar where we could talk properly. So we were busy talking about our adventures on AM when S got a text.

From his wife.

Who was on her way to the very same shopping centre that we were currently in.

(Do you now see the significance of the picture at the top of this post?)

Anyway, after the initial panic, (well, MY initial panic!) we deduced that the chances of Mrs S finding her way into the same bar as us were slim to none. So we carried on talking until S had to go back to work. We shared a quick kiss as I was about to get into the taxi, and off I went. It was a great meeting apart from the huge panic, and we will be seeing each other again in a couple of weeks.