Movers – S from AM.

He’s advised me that he’s more of a gift daddy than a cash daddy. That suits me just fine, because we both live very close to the huge shopping mall in my city, where I can find all manner of things to be spoiled with. He sends me a long email every night, right after his wife has gone to bed. I like reading his emails – he has the same sense of humour as I do. We are set to meet for lunch on Friday, and I have his stable name already picked out, so he’d better join!

Shakers – Water Man.

He’s booked us into probably the swankiest (and highest) hotel in the city for Thursday night. He’s off to a black tie dinner there (as a guest, so can’t take me), so after I check in, I’ll spend a few hours enjoying the views of the city and ordering some room service. When he gets back, we’ll take time to enjoy all the facilities,  including the spa bath!

Poofers – J from AM

Sadly and suddenly, J went poof. 


Actually, there are no haters. I just thought it would make a good title for the post!