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Water Man and Shrek are still very firmly entrenched in the stable. I’ve not seen Shrek for a couple of weeks – he was spending time with his other half last week, and on a guys’ holiday this week. I’m sure our reunion next week will be the embodiment of the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

I went on a date with C on Wednesday. He was very sweet, things went well and he’d like to see me again. Watch this space…

D and I are still exchanging emails, but he’s still very busy with work, so hopefully we’ll be meeting in person very soon.

I started talking to J from WYP this week. He seems lovely and I really enjoy our conversations. He’s in the US with work for the next week and a half, so I’ll give him time to get over his jetlag when he gets back and arrange a meeting.

After yesterday’s crap, I strongly considered leaving the bowl altogether. To be played for a wannabe porn star and a slut, quite frankly upset and disgusted me. What made it worse was that this guy had placed a profile on probably the biggest sugar dating site in existence, masquerading as an SD. He told me that he’d had previous sugar relationships – so what became of those SBs? I just didn’t feel I could trust anything that anyone said in the bowl.

But I’ve had some fabulous experiences and met some truly wonderful people. I will not be driven out by some low life scumbag. I’ll just continue on as I have been, exercise caution and trust my instincts. He will get his, believe me.

I’ve also told N, one of my very good friends about what I’ve been doing. I thought she’d be cool with it, and she was. N was very interested in the lifestyle and was only concerned that my dealings were safe. (They were.)