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I basically got back in touch with a “POT” from SA after communications had petered out. We were planning to meet for lunch earlier this week, but he had to reschedule. I emailed him today, and in a nutshell, he invited me to be the guest of honour at my very own bukkake party/orgy/MMF/MMMF/whatever!

Well, whatever it was, it wasn’t happening – not with me anyhow. In the unlikely event of me agreeing to take part in anything remotely resembling what he had in mind, I would be vetting the participants, not him.

I called him out on it – here are the last posts of the exchange:

Me:If you had been able to fit me in yesterday, what would have happened then?

Him:Lunch and then a hotel

Me:With all your friends?

Him: No

Me: So if I came along next week, it would be me with not just a sugar daddy, but a whole host of sugar uncles too?

Him: If you want yes

Me: No honey, I don’t. If that was what I wanted, I would have placed an ad on Craiglist, not on Seeking Arrangement. To be honest, it sounds like you’re trying to make a really crappy porno.

I think I hit either a nerve, or the nail directly on the head, because he hasn’t replied. Woe is me. No, really.

I said in an earlier post that it’s not good to burn bridges in sugar, but on this occasion I’m pleased to say the bridges have been soaked in petrol, burned, dynamited, steamrolled and bulldozed. He’s lucky I didn’t do the same to his genitals.

In other news I got a £20 offer from WYP. I was in such a bad mood I was tempted to counter with £50000, but I wasn’t interested in the guy so I rejected him outright.