So, I’ve been thinking about creating a small website just for my SDs to view. It would be password protected so not every Tom, Dick and Harry could access it. I was thinking of having a few tastefully risqué pictures of me on there (which I’d rotate every so often), a bit of a blog so that they can keep up with what I’m up to, and more importantly, links to my Amazon wishlists, so if they’re not able to see me for a while, they can look at a pretty picture of me, catch up with all my mindless shenanigans, and buy me something nice too. Of course, they are more than welcome to buy me something nice if they’re seeing me more regularly! 😉

The idea came from when I had a stint of wanting to become a findomme (I think I’m just too nice to be a findomme!) but I don’t like the idea of  “I want, so gimme!” I’d rather be, like I am in the bowl, “You spoil me and I’ll spoil you”.

So what do you all think? Any comments are greatly appreciated.