Welcome, dear reader. You join this AM conversation at the point where a POT has just asked me if I have any “rules”…
Me: Like what? Like always safe sex, no back door, me not swallowing, no 3rd parties, no cameras kind of rules?
Him: Yes that kind of thing?
Me: As above, with the addition of no means no and pay before play. Anyway, what brought you to my profile? xxx
Him: Lol that’s fine x I’ve never been with a black lady before and even blurred u look lovely x
Me: Thank you 🙂 xxx

Him: My rules are you always wear high heels and never wear knickers x

Me: If you’d wanted a sub, you should have said.
Him: Why?
Me: Well, you’re telling me what to wear. High heels – great. No knickers? I don’t think so.

Me: Access Revoked

Am I wrong in finding the latter half of the conversation totally disrespectful? I don’t even know this guy’s name, and yet he’s trying to call the shots by dictating to me what I should be wearing? WTF?