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Happy new year, and happy new blog!


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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and you got all that you wished for!

As for me, I’ve had a very interesting year – so many great experiences, both in and out of the sugar bowl. Obviously the event that had the most impact on my life was my relationship with Heckler. We’re looking towards the future together, and as my time as a sugarbaby has ended, I also feel that now is the time to close the doors for good on Mutually Beneficial.

Fear not though, dear readers – I’m not leaving you forever – my story will continue at Sugar Free. I really hope you’ll join me over there.

In the meantime, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, following and commenting. It has been wonderful to have you join me in my tiny portion of cyberspace to follow my adventures – it has been an absolute blast!

Stay safe, have a great 2015, and I hope to see you very soon! xxxxxxxxxx

An overdue update


First of all, massive apologies. Last Wednesday, I was in the middle of updating the blog, and adding pictures, when my laptop decided it simply wasn’t going to work for me any more. Fabulous.

Heckler came to the rescue (yay!) and lent me his MacBook Air so that I could continue to apply for jobs and keep the blog up to date.

So. let’s draw a veil over the bitchy interviewer that failed to read my CV, and left me feeling about 2 inches high after the interview…

On Tuesday, we stayed at a hotel that is known in the city as the “grand old lady”. for our Christmas celebration. It was utterly amazing and nice to have some more quality time together. I was completely spoiled, receiving a North Face coat (they are sooooo warm!), a new bag, and a beautiful white gold, freshwater pearl and diamond necklace and earring suite (my first diamonds! :D) On Wednesday, we went Christmas shopping in the town centre, and made the appointment for my MacBook Pro to visit the laptop doctor for its operation (logic board/graphics card replacement)

Heckler and I went to view a flat last Wednesday  – and to cut a long story short, we loved it and went for it! Heck got the keys on Thursday and we went there to begin moving some of his stuff in. Mrs Heckler wants him out by Saturday, so that will be absolutely fine. On Saturday we’ll be back at IKEA to furnish the place. I’m preparing myself by ordering a cordless screwdriver and a little pink tool kit so I can help Heck build our furniture! I am so hardcore! 😀

Guess who’s all grown up now?


I was anticipating a long Saturday snuggled up in bed, trying to shake off the last remnants of the cold I’ve had for the last couple of weeks.

Then I got a call from Heckler. He’d had enough of the North Pole – like atmosphere at his house and was making a bid for a quick escape for the afternoon.

Would I like to join him?

Of course I would!

So, I was soon showered, dressed and ready to meet him, and we trotted off to the local IKEA.

(IKEA, in case you weren’t aware, is a furniture and homeware store, where the furniture is sold flat – packed and the customer assembles it at home. It’s not somewhere where you can nip in for a quick 10 minutes – no, you need to have hours spare for a trip to IKEA – not to mention nerves of steel!)

Heckler is on the lookout for a new flat – which I’ll be moving into at some stage – and he wanted us to just walk round and get an idea of what furniture and homely type things we would need. So, we got to the mattresses and began trying a few out. He lay next to me, holding my right hand – in the right way, of course!

“Have you noticed?”, Heckler asked.

“Noticed what?”

Heckler nodded toward our clasped hands.

The white gold and diamond ring that Heckler had worn on the fourth finger of his left hand every time we’d met over the past seven months was now on his left thumb.

To quote from his blog:

Yes, I am splitting with the Wife… I can’t continue with the way things are. I’ve tried and it’s not enough. She needs to start realising only she can make herself better. I want to be with Miss B. I can say that I have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with her! ❤ She makes me so happy, I feel so relaxed in her company and we can and do talk about absolutely everything! There are times when we don’t even speak to each other, just look into each other’s eye’s, smile and kiss. It’s magical. It feels so right. I want to be with Miss B! Thankfully she feels the same, so now we are looking at becoming an official relationship and live together. I cannot wait!

Naturally, I am so very happy. Excited, a little nervous, maybe, but very, very happy. I had no idea that when I began this journey, I would end up falling in love!

State of the Union 10 – the end of my sugar life


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I’d planned to kick off the month by linking you to a few of my favourite festive songs, but in light of recent events, yeah, let’s just cut to the chase…

So, it would appear that Heckler’s marriage is over.

It would also appear that Heckler wants to be with me.

It would appear that I want to be with him too.

Now I hadn’t expected this at all. I’d expected a sheepish email from Heck, beginning with “I’m sorry Miss B, but…” Instead, Heck’s looking for flats in his local area, which isn’t too far for where I’m from, and we’re talking about moving in together in about 6 months, once I have a job. Heck would like me to move in as soon as he gets a place, but I have to think of how I’m going to pitch our relationship to my family! “Oh hi, Mum, just moving in with a married man who’s left his wife for me…”

That’d go down very well…

I’ve decided to disband my stable with effect from January 1st. So obviously that means huge changes for Bertie and Forty, who were both sad for the end of their arrangement but happy for me and Heckler. Bertie and Forty are going to arrange final dates over the course of the next few weeks, and as 2015 dawns, I will go from sugarbaby/mistress to girlfriend.

Awww, hell – this is not even one of my favourites, but it just encompasses the way I feel right now…. Happy December, dear readers!

Lots of talking and thinking to be done



When Heckler and I were together earlier this week, his cover story took him to some meeting in London. Mrs H had her suspicions, and asked him some questions about some sights in London. Of course, he couldn’t answer her. So she put two and two together, got into his phone and laptops, and the rest is history. (The irony is, I said that we should have gone to London!) She’s seen my Twitter profile, but fortunately I don’t tweet very often and both my profile and cover pictures aren’t clear enough for me to be identified.

So obviously things were very heated in the early hours in Heck’s household and today  she’s keeping close watch over his phone use. She smashed some shelving in their home and while he was on his way to the DIY store to get some screws to fix it, he took a few minutes out to call.

Upshot is, he doesn’t know where to proceed from here, but doesn’t want things between us to end. Interestingly, he doesn’t feel guilty about things. He’d been unhappy in the marriage for a while. I’ve told him that the number one priority in this is baby Heckler. I grew up without a father figure, and I’ll be damned if Heck’s son’s life is affected because his daddy and I screwed up.

So, I’m still here. I’ll wait and see what’s going to happen, but many lives over here are going to be affected by what transpires over the coming weeks and months.

How could something that was so right go so wrong?


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Mrs Heckler knows. Heck forgot to delete one of his texts and she saw them.

I don’t know what’s going to happen now. Mr and Mrs Heckler will have a lot of soul searching to do, which I obviously won’t be party to. The likelihood is I’ll have to accept that our relationship isn’t going to continue in any case. I was wrong, Heck was wrong, but we were so right and so good together

I feel so sad. Just 24 hours ago, we were wrapped up in each other’s arms, locked away from reality. Now reality has come crashing in. And when the dust has settled, who knows where we’ll all be?

The ruination of Miss B


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Before I begin this post, I’d like to wish a belated happy Thanksgiving to all my followers across the pond. 🙂

On Wednesday I woke up feeling horrendous. My cold had shifted to my chest, and I thought I’d lost my voice, but after a cup of herbal tea, managed to regain somewhat of a croak.

Heckler (who was also suffering) picked me up at 3.30, and drove us to the local supermarket to buy the ingredients for that evening’s dinner, and breakfast for the two mornings. He also bought various cold medicines for both of us, bless him!

We then headed to the apartment where we were going to be spending our two nights together. The apartment was in a former warehouse in the city centre and the conversion was absolutely beautiful. Heckler and I spent some time, ahem, “catching up” before he made a chicken and bacon risotto.

On Thursday we had a full day planned:

  • shopping during the day. Boy, was Miss B spoiled rotten! Amongst other things, I got two beautiful lingerie sets, and some MAC makeup! We didn’t bother with lunch because next on the agenda was…
  • dinner at a rather swanky city centre restaurant. Before we were shown to our table, we headed to the bar, where I had my favourite cocktail, the Porn Star Martini! We both had meat that we cooked ourselves on hot stones that were brought to our table. I had fillet steak, and Heckler had ribeye, and we both thought that the food was delicious! And the desserts were to die for! After the meal, we went to…
  • a city centre lap dance club. Yes, dear readers, you read right! Years ago, during a pub crawl with some (female) friends ended up in a local dance club. Being the naughty deviant that I am, I was completely up for getting a lap dance, but my friends chickened out. They promised to buy me a lap dance for my next birthday.

Until last night, I was still waiting.

I had imagined there being a squad of beefy bouncers on the door, ready to turn away anyone who didn’t look right. But there was one single chap on the door last night, who also served as ticket seller and cloakroom attendant.

As I expected, I was the only female there who was not a staff member. Apart from 2 bar staff, every other lady was wearing very little – and some of them were in action removing even that!

Heck got us a bottle of Bud each and we settled down to watch proceedings. At first I had no idea where to put my eyes, as it seemed that everywhere I looked, there were boobies and bums all over the place! But I relaxed a little and my attention was drawn to a beautiful young woman who was dancing for a guy a little way down the bar from me. He was looking distinctly tense during the dance. Who wouldn’t be – if she’d been any closer to him, the act would have become illegal! At the end of the dance, the chap shuffled off – presumably to take care of a bit of “tent pitching” in his trousers…

I started small talking to Heckler, when the dancer I’d just been watching came over to say hi. We introduced ourselves, and the dancer, Lucy, asked if we were together. Heckler said yes.

Lucy: Wife? Girlfriend?

Heckler: Mistress!

Me: :O 😀

Lucy: :O 🙂

So after that bit of small talk, Lucy asked if I would like a dance. I refused, screamed and ran away to hide in the toilets for an hour.

Did I hell! Of course I said yes! So Heckler looked after my drink, bag and coat while Lucy took me to the “naughty corner” for my first ever lapdance…

Without going into to too much detail, the experience was terrific. Lucy’s body was utterly amazing, perfect skin, not an ounce of fat or cellulite anywhere. There wasn’t a great deal of small talk, as I was a touch nervous, and soon I was silently sympathising with her previous client (obviously without the tent in his trousers!)

After the dance we chatted for a little while. It turned out that Lucy was married with a young daughter and whenever she went away with her husband, they would aim to go to a lap dance club at their destination. Lucky husband….

I rejoined Heckler with a bit of a grin on my face, and we carried on people-watching. We were soon joined by another dancer called Gemma, and I got a double length dance from her. Back in the naughty corner I went, this time joined by Heckler as a witness. This dance was much more relaxed. Gemma and I were chatting as she danced, and she said dancing for me made a nice change from dancing for “smelly men”. I really got into the groove of the music and starting dancing in the only way I know how when sitting with my legs apart and hands on either side of me – twisting at the waist. Gemma noticed and asked me if I was shaking my “Tic Tacs” at her! The best part was when my face became the filling in a bare boobie sandwich! 😀

Once Gemma had completed the dance, we finished our drinks and walked back to the apartment, where Heckler was very well rewarded for his generosity… 😉

On Friday we slept until 9am. Heckler made breakfast in bed, then sadly it was time to pack and check out of the apartment. We braved a small Black Friday crowd at the local department store so I could get yet another MAC eyeshadow, then went to a local museum. Heckler had sent some gifts to our mailbox, and on the way there, he got a call from Mrs Heckler. (He was supposed to be on a train back from London.) He took the call!

Heckler (to Mrs H): I’m on the train (blah blah blah)

Me (absolutely cringing and thinking the worst)(thinks): No you’re not – you’re actually on the busiest ROAD in the city, with lots of cars and lorries and stuff. How the hell are you going to pass THAT off?

Well, the iPhone 5s has a noise cancelling microphone which reduces background noise when held up to your ear! So there you have it! Phew!

Thank you so much Heckler. I had a wonderful time. xxxxxxx

I almost forgot – the interview I had on Tuesday?

I got the job – but I turned it down. I’d been having reservations about it ever since I’d received the invite to interview, and I wasn’t going to make the same mistake of taking the first job offered, just because it was offered.